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Settlers is a small “playground set” that everyone can use to create adventure and exploration scenarios. Escape from the daily routine and make your own world! Settlers is freely available on Blender Cloud and will consists of:

  • A set of rigged characters
  • Environments and props
  • Plus all the behind the scenes and source files, starting from concept art, to final rigs and animation

We are going to share every step of this journey, day by day, regularly uploading pictures, videos and production files. We want to get the characters in your hands as soon as possible, so you can have fun with them too, and create your own scenes.

A collection of free characters, environments and animated scenes FREE to download on here

Settlers – Character Modeling Preparation
18:22 Minutes
Settlers – Character Modeling Setup
15:26 Minutes
Settlers – Character Blocking Part 1
32:07 Minutes
Settlers – Character Blocking Part 2
28:36 Minutes
Settlers – Character Blocking Part 3
46:15 Minutes
Settlers – Character Sculpting Part 1
32:29 Minutes
Settlers – Character Rig Preparation 1
47:21 Minutes
Settlers – “Gabby” Character creation
13:45 Minutes
Enjoy this breakdown of the creation process of the Gabby character, narrated by the Blender Studio team! Get the files, assets and making-of materials at https://cloud.blender.org/settlers

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